June 22, 2024


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Toronto Lowriders Unite For the 10th Annual Majestics BBQ

Toronto Lowriders Unite For the 10th Annual Majestics BBQ

A decade is a long time to dedicate to anything. So much can change in ten years that it takes a truly driven individual, or group of individuals to repeatedly devote both their time and energy year after year to a free event.

The Toronto chapter of the Majestics Car Club is a perfect example of a group that does what it can to support its lane of the automotive lifestyle. For ten years they’ve been giving back and showing love to not only Toronto Area ‘riders, but Ottawa, Montreal and Beyond.

Now, technically, 2022 would have marked the twelfth anniversary but Covid saw fit to tweak the numbers a bit. Making this the tenth event that took place twelve years after the first. Two plus two equals 6 here but it’s fine.

Miraculously I’ve been able to attend most of them along the way. They’re a favourite event of my son’s, so I don’t see that trend anytime soon either.

As always the BBQ was held at a park down by the Lakeshore, west of the City of Toronto. The Majestics were present, of course, alongside other notable local crews such as Luxurious, Rollerz Only and Affiliated.

There was also a great presence from Oldies, and Aftermath a club that was established fairly recently.

Many of the cars from Aftermath are fairly familiar. I’ve probably taken a very similar photo of this car every year I’ve seen it. It’s hard to resist though. Look up lowrider Impala in the dictionary and this car ticks off all the boxes. Chrome, wires, hydraulics, stereo. Done exquisitely.

On the other side of the lot “Oldies” parked something a little different alongside a few of their classic Bombs. Trackers in general are rare birds here in Ontario. Seeing them outside of an event is pretty much something that never happens.

I have no idea where they managed to find one so darn clean. As the plates stated; nothing too crazy was done to this one, they just kept it G. Maybe for the next event, they’ll bring out a green Foxbody drop on gold wires?

I can hear Computer Love playing now.

As I turned away from the Geo I was shocked to see just how many cars had filled the venue. It seemed like the roll-in of vehicles was non-stop throughout the day.

The group has never used this parking lot before and may have already outgrown it.

Many returning events have suffered from the after-effects of Covid with attendance numbers on the decline. This BBQ didn’t have this issue, far from it really. They actually had to start parking cars on the street in an attempt to keep everyone at least in the same vicinity.

I don’t have exact numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Majestics said it was one of the largest they’ve held thus far.

As a photographer and clear fan of lowriders, more cars mean more opportunities to capture the wealth of details owners pore into these cars. If anything I had a bit of an issue hyper-focusing on some cars at the sacrifice of bringing a broader coverage.

So if I did miss your car my bad, no intended slight, I’m just easily distracted by shiny things.

As you can see, there was an endless supply of shiny things.

Impalas and wires abound, which is more than ok by me.

This stroller was pretty rad too. I’ve wanted to build something cool for my son to go with my project, but let’s be honest by the time I finish I’m going to just have to build him a car.

You may have noticed that this post is fairly light on specifics pertaining to each car because quite honestly, I’ve broken down the science of these cars before, and it’s really not required.

With these cars, it’s just easier to let the photos do the talking and give those of you unable to attend the opportunity to take it all in.

Yes, taking it all in includes the fan favourite hopping. Hopping is one of those things that you either get you you don’t.

To me it’s like drifting, these cars are built for a purpose that’s a little different than their factory intended purpose.

From a functional and practical standpoint, it might not make a whole lot of sense, but it’s incredibly cool all the same. Life’s too short not to do what you love, even if some people will never get it.

There’s also a serious amount of time and dedication put into these cars to make them do what they do so well. As someone that appreciates fabrication, I love seeing cars hit bumper.

If you ever have a chance to see it first hand I suggest it.

So as always, my hats are tipped to the local lowrider community for their welcome and hospitality. See you at the next one.