Curiosity encourages people to know more about things, whether about relatives or nearby places. Some people can’t stay long for a specific period, so they prefer visiting and meeting people, which leads to higher expenditure because of traveling costs and vehicle maintenance. The electric bicycle allows people to perform all […]

The most important component of an auto-loan is arguably the interest rate. It directly influences the size of monthly payments and overall loan tenor. Interest rates can even play a role in the final buying decision, powerful enough to override sentimental purchase reasons such as brand loyalty. It goes without […]

By independent automotive journalist David Neyens 2023 SCOTTSDALE AUCTION – 2006 FORD GT – NO RESERVE Creating a sensation at the 2002 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, the stunning GT40 concept car celebrated Ford Motor Company’s historic centenary and recalled its 1-2-3 victory over Ferrari at the 24 Hours […]

The GTO really came into its own in 1966, and was designated as its own model after being an option package for its first two years. There was intense competition for domestic youth market share, especially within GM. The result would be some of the most creative marketing ever to […]