The ValetPRO range has just about everything you could possibly need for a big detailing session on your car’s exterior. Quality pre-wash and wash products, accessories such as detailing brushes, microfibres and drying towels. Then there are top-notch waxes, glass cleaners and tyre dressing products for those finishing touches. Now, […]

The automotive industry’s evolution over recent years has displayed great innovation and the rise of new intelligent technologies. It’s become clear that customers worldwide are quick to adopt products and the latest technology if it makes their life easier, just like smartphones or hybrid electric vehicles. Many, if not all, […]

Land Rover Defenders are desirable cars for an onslaught of reasons. They look great. They travel well. They open up the opportunity of offroading and exploring new, muddy, wet environments that you wouldn’t be able to traverse in your standard car. But when you buy a Defender, you’re making a […]

November 25, 2021MechVibesblog One of the best things to show your love for a car is designing a nice interior. You want your ride to be comfortable while you’re inside going to your next destination. From a simple stereo installation and other creative projects, add unique things to your car […]