July 18, 2024


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News: Pizza Delivery Goes Electric

News: Pizza Delivery Goes Electric

News: Pizza Delivery Goes Electric

Three or Four Wheels Gets the Pie There Hot

When you’re hungry and call for a pizza delivery, how it gets to you has been unimportant, but maybe no longer. Three pizza restaurants have jumped into the electric vehicle delivery business by introducing hundreds of zero emission cars to get your pie to you hot and fast, but without adding to local pollution.

Domino’s Pizza has 130 Chevrolet Bolt EVs on the road now, and another 871 Bolts being delivered to Domino’s franchises and company-owned stores nationwide in 2023.

Mountain Mike's electric pizza delivery
Hot electric pie

Mountain Mike’s Pizza has placed an initial order of 20 of the three-wheel Solo Cargo EV, manufactured by Canadian company ElectraMeccanica. Clean Fleet Report reviewed the Solo last year, which was before the company added the Solo Cargo model. Mountain Mike’s Pizza operates in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The first all-electric Solo Cargo EVs are destined for the Nevada and Utah stores, with a broader roll-out being eyed.

The largest Pizza Hut franchisee in California has an initial order of 14 Solo Cargo EVs to be used at its Southern California restaurants. This franchisee has more than 230 restaurants in California and Utah, so the success of the first Solo Cargo EVs should see more put into service.

Pizza Hut Solo Cargo EV
One driver and many pizzas

Solo Cargo EV

With a 100-mile all-electric driving range and a top speed of 80 mph, the single seat Solo Cargo EV has a large rear-mounted cargo box that can hold up-to 10 pizzas, sides and a couple of large Pepsi bottles. Sounds like a typical order for a football party.

Domino's Bolt EV delivery vehicles
The largest electric pizza delivery fleet

Chevrolet Bolt

The Domino’s Chevrolet Bolt fleet will be the largest electric delivery service of its type in the country. With a 259-mile all-electric driving range and the ability to hold a large quantity of pizza, sides and Coke, the Bolt will be delivering one of America’s favorite foods emission-free.

For more fun, Dominos has a sweepstakes where by placing an online order before March 12, 2023, one person will win an all-new 2023 Bolt.

So the next time you order pizza ask your driver if it was delivered by electricity.

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Story by John Faulkner. Photos courtesy of ElectraMeccanica, Domino’s and Lex Adams.