July 14, 2024


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CSL-based Manhart MH4 GTR II Unveiled [w/video]

CSL-based Manhart MH4 GTR II Unveiled [w/video]

The Manhart MH4 GTR II is a high-performance version of the already potent BMW M4 CSL, developed by German tuning company Manhart. Exclusivity of this model is assured as only 1 000 units of the CSL are destined for production, and we imagine that few of those folks are going to mod their cars.

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Power Up

Under the vented hood of the Manhart MH4 GTR II is the same twin-turbocharged 3,0-litre inline-six engine as it leaves the factory. However, it has been extensively modified by Manhart. The result is an impressive 516 kW and 880 N. of torque. This is a significant increase over the stock M4 CSL’s 405 kW/650 N.m. The bulk of this power increase comes from the company’s own MHtronik piggyback ECU.

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The Manhart MH4 GTR II also features other performance enhancements. These include a new stainless steel sports exhaust system that can breathe with or without catalytic converters. The system ends in a quartet of pipes that measure a whopping 110 mm each. The company also offers an upgraded brake kit to match the extra power.

Added Menace

On the outside, the MH4 GTR is visually striking, with a number of aggressive styling cues that set it apart from the standard M4 CSL. The most obvious is a vented carbon-fibre bonnet. In addition there is a new splitter and side aero flicks for the front, fender side louvres, side skirts, a diffuser, a two-piece rear skirt add-on and a three-piece rear spoiler. 

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The car sits on a set of lightweight forged alloy wheels that are 20 inches in diameter. The ride height is lower thanks to height-adjustable coil springs by H&R. The overall effect is a car that looks mean and purposeful. 

Track Ready

Manhart has added motorsport-inspired features to the already racy cabin, such as SCHROTH four-point racing harnesses, and provides a carbon fibre motorsport helmet for those who wish to venture onto a track.