September 23, 2023


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Audi Confirms It Will Join The Formula 1 Circus in 2026

By James Broughton, October 26, 2022

Audi will enter Method A single in 2026 and has picked out to husband or wife with the Sauber team as it starts a pretty long journey to the leading move of the F1 podium. Sauber at the moment runs less than the brand and shades of Alfa Romeo in what is a licensing arrangement. The latest arrangement expires in 2023, and from that stage on Sauber will continue to race under its personal title in 2024 and 2025 until it is consumed by Audi in 2026. Audi is envisioned to consolidate its partnership with Sauber by getting a substantial shareholding.

Audi along with Porsche is element of the Volkswagen group. VW’s preliminary intention was to enter both of those providers into F1. Nonetheless, Porsche could not reach a deal to associate with Purple Bull as an engine provider, proficiently employing re-badged Honda-made powertrains. Porsche is nonetheless actively trying to get to lover with an F1 team but does not have an motor facility committed to F1 powertrain progress.

The most probable scenario is that if Porsche does become an F1 motor supplier it will use a rebranded Audi produced power unit.

Audi is now in the highly developed stages of its powertrain engineering growth which is aimed at assembly F1’s new ability device restrictions for the 2026 year. F1’s value cap initiative is also mentioned to have lured Audi into the sport. However lengthy the price tag cap will last depends on how the money breach by Red Bull is dealt with by the FIA. So considerably it does not look promising.

Yet, Audi faces a large challenge. System One has drained the methods and ambitions of the major producers. F1 is at the extraordinary conclusion of engineering, every ingredient of an F1 motor vehicle is pushed outside of the restrictions. It will take years for Audi to acclimatize to what is an alien globe ahead of they see any meaningful results.

Audi confirms plans to enter Formula One in 2026