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7 Mistakes That People Often Make While Buying A New Car • Throttlebias

7 Mistakes That People Often Make While Buying A New Car • Throttlebias

If you’re in the market for a new car, there are tons of ways that you can get ripped off. There’s no need to let this happen to you! Here are some common mistakes people make when buying a new vehicle:

Mistake 1: Putting a big down payment on a new vehicle

The 1st mistake people often make is putting a big down payment on a new vehicle. The more you put down, the less you finance and the less money you pay overall. This mistake can be avoided by taking advantage of low-interest rates and making monthly payments on time.

The more money saved, the better!

Mistake 2: Accepting the dealer’s financing offer without shopping around for your own loan

Before you even step foot on the dealership lot, it’s important to take a step back and think about how you’re going to pay for your car.

For many people, financing their new vehicle is an unavoidable part of buying a car. This is especially true if they don’t have enough cash for the full purchase price at once (and who does?). So what are your best options?

You can get financing from a bank or credit union through an auto loan approval process that will require some paperwork and verification of income and credit history. It is recommended that consumers shop around for this kind of loan before applying anywhere—the competition between lenders is fierce enough that there are often significant differences in interest rates offered by different banks.

Another option is getting financing from a car dealer via one of their finance options or special offers—but again, do your homework first, so you know exactly what features come with these deals before signing anything! You can also look for used cars, I’ve also covered a list of the most reliable automobile manufacturers.

Mistake 3: Not doing your research ahead of time

While researching and test-driving cars can be fun, it’s also important not to get too excited about a car before you know whether or not it fits into your budget. This is why researching the car you want ahead of time is so important—and it doesn’t just include price, features or brands such as VW.

Car Research
You should research before making any decision

You should also make sure that any dealer you consider buying from has a good reputation for customer service, as well as an extensive inventory, so that if there are any problems with the vehicle after purchasing it (and there almost always will be). Any mechanic who does work on your car will be familiar with its make and model.

Mistake 4: Not making sure the extras are removable

One of the most important things to consider when buying a car is whether or not the extras are removable. This means that if you have to file for bankruptcy, do you still want to be able to sell your vehicle? If so, make sure that all of the extra features are not attached permanently.

For instance:

  • Air conditioning: If it’s built into the roof and you can’t remove it without breaking some sort of seal on top, forget about trying to get rid of this feature later on down the road.
  • The side mirrors: If they don’t come off easily when you need them off (like with a set screw), then there’s no way around getting rid of them in an emergency situation where space will be tight (like when driving through narrow areas like bridges).

Mistake 5: Being unprepared for add-on fees and taxes

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when purchasing a new car is being unprepared for add-on fees and taxes. What are these, you ask?

Importance of knowing what fees are included and excluded in the price: Because there are so many different add-ons, it’s important to know exactly what’s included in your purchase price and which ones you’ll have to pay separately. When it comes time to buy your car, consider taking some time beforehand to read up on any extra charges that may come with purchasing one. This way you won’t be blindsided by any surprises later on down the road!

What fees should I expect when buying a new car? Add-ons can include anything from paint sealant or tinting windows (if you want them) all the way up through super fancy options like heated seats! The good news is that many dealerships offer discounts if you opt-out of these extras; however, they still might not be worth their cost depending on how long they’ll last or how often they will need replacing

Mistake 6: Buying an expensive extended warranty package

Just like a good warranty, an extended warranty has its pros and cons. The benefits of an extended warranty include the following:

  • More time to decide whether or not you want to buy the car.
  • Protection against unexpected costs related to repairs or maintenance (if you don’t get it, then that could be a major problem). Although, on that note, we have created a guide for choosing aftermarket parts for your car, which you might be interested in reading in the future.

The drawbacks include the following:

  • It’s expensive! An extended warranty is much more expensive than regular insurance because it covers more things. For example, normal car insurance covers damage caused by accidents and theft; however, most extended warranties cover other kinds of damage as well—even if they’re caused by accidents or theft! This means that your coverage might be more expensive than what’s already included in the price of your car. If this happens, then consider buying something else instead (like basic insurance).

Mistake 7: Avoiding car insurance

One of the most common mistakes people make is to avoid car insurance. While it’s true that buying a new car insurance policy can look like an expensive and time-consuming thing, it’s a good idea to get at least three quotes before making your purchase. And don’t forget to include the cost of insurance when calculating the total cost of ownership over time—this can help you avoid making any bad decisions that could later haunt you in terms of affordability or resale value.

5 Steps To Get Best Deal When You Buy A New Car

To get the best price possible on a new car, you should research the vehicle and be prepared to walk away from the deal if it doesn’t meet your needs. Here are five steps to take when buying a new car.

A new classic car in Violet colour
A new classic car in Violet colour

  • Research: Research the car that you want and check out prices for different models of that make and model at various dealerships in your area. This will help you understand what other people are paying for similar vehicles and give you an idea about whether or not there’s room for negotiation when negotiating with dealerships themselves.
  • Know Your Numbers: Once you’ve got some ideas about what’s fair value on a particular model, figure out what other important cost factors might affect your purchase before talking numbers with anyone else.
  • Negotiate Within Budget: Don’t let yourself get carried away by sales pitches or fancy extras; stick within reasonable limits based on what works best within your budget.
  • Get Financing in Place Beforehand: If possible, arrange financing ahead of time so that this step doesn’t slow down negotiations later.
  • Walk Away If Necessary: If things don’t go well at one dealership, but another seems promising (or vice versa), leave without making any commitments until all options have been explored thoroughly!


All in all, buying a new car can be a stressful process. But if you keep these tips in mind and do your research ahead of time, you’ll be much more likely to get the deal that you want.