September 23, 2023


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5 of the most useful car services:

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Technology changes daily, and with change comes innovation. The motor industry is benefitting more and more from all the latest technological changes. Imagine having an app on your phone that can find you free parking, so you can avoid those pesky parking fees. There are many car services available, and by reading real reviews from customers online, you are able to make the best decision on which service to use based on your needs. With many new car-focused apps around, we review some of the best for you.

1) Scheduled valet services

Valet services have come a far way from being someone to park your car when you go to a restaurant. With the introduction of valet apps, users are now able to request a pick up from anywhere and have their car parked at a secure lot. While the car is parked, you can request to have it washed and fueled, all while you are in a meeting, or running an errand. Valet apps are the perfect solution for dense urban areas where parking is expensive and difficult to find.

2) On-demand fuel delivery apps

There is nothing worse than having a million errands to run, and still having to find somewhere to stop and refuel your car. With the introduction of on-demand fuel apps, you can request to have your car refueled from absolutely anywhere without having to be with your vehicle. Some companies even offer overnight services, so you can have your vehicle filled while you sleep. While these apps do charge additional costs, the convenience is worth it.

3) Intuitive mobile automotive apps

Intuitive mobile automotive apps act as a smart driving assistant. The app is able to gain insights on how you drive, where you have parked your car, and can even tell you when your car needs maintenance or there is an issue. These apps also monitor your driving and reward you for good driving habits such as maintaining speed limits and stopping at stop streets. Some companies offer a rewards system for better driving, such as specials and vouchers to use at popular eateries and stores. 

4) Connected car locators

Have you forgotten where you parked your car in a busy lot? These apps can track the location of your car in minutes using mapping software. The app also allows you to check how much driving you do. It is a cheap method of keeping track of your vehicle. There are various options available for both Android or iOS users.

5) On-demand mechanic services

There is nothing worse than your car breaking down on a Sunday morning while you are out for a drive, or even at home and you have a mechanical issue. Mobile mechanic service apps are great for finding an on-call mechanic in your area. Most of these services operate 7 days a week, so you are never left stranded or waiting until a Monday to have your vehicle seen to. The mechanics are able to do house calls.