May 18, 2022


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3 Reasons Behind German Cars Popularity

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Ask people about their dream car and most of them will call the names of Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. Nevertheless, to buy one, you need to have a king’s ransom. So, what if you can’t afford to ride in your dream car? Well, we won’t suggest giving up on your dreams. 

Renting a luxury car is always an option to treat yourself at least until you have enough money to purchase one. But not every rental company is going to offer you the best prices and services. Accidental damages are also a possibility. Go through the list of German insurances to ensure you don’t end up paying high repairing charges. 

Also, inquire about post customers’ experiences through reputable German review brands like Erfahrungenscout and such other websites to find out if there are any hidden policies that can cost you an extra amount. Now, going back to the point, here’s what you should remember while driving a German car: 

  1. A Long-Drawn History

Carl Benz from Germany was the first engineer around the world to manufacture a vehicle run by a gas engine in 1888. Since then, Germany holds the title of not only being the pioneer of the automobile industry but also inventing top-notch vehicles every now and then. 

The country has one of the oldest automobile manufacturers including BMW which was founded around 105 years ago. Mercedes-Benz was initiated in 1926 whereas Volkswagen has a history of more than 80 years.  Hence, this accumulation of decades of experience and seasoned engineers have made German cars a trend-setter all around the world.  

  1. “German Engineering” is Another Name for Quality 

Although the sleek look and captivating design is the first thing the customers look for in a car, the Germans never compromise on losing quality or longevity for the sake of appearance. Their vehicles are mechanically efficient and it’s rare to encounter a problem in them. 

One example of which is BMW which always strives to maintain a 50-50 weight distribution in their vehicles. This offers extended control and ease of handling to the driver. 

Similarly, other brands add special features to enhance performance. For this reason, customers globally recognize German engineering as a synonym for high quality.   

  1. They Manufacture Eco-Friendly Cars  

One often neglected perk of German automobile industry is that they have a range of eco-friendly vehicles. Electric cars running completely on electric-powered engines without emitting any harmful gases and smoke are also an invention of Germany. The Daimler AG smart car, though not the best in appearance, is one of the first electric cars that ran on the streets of Germany. 

The BMW i8 is a hybrid car with a bunch of astonishing features like attaining 0-60 mph speed within a fraction of seconds, a virtual engine noise, butterfly doors etc. 

The Bottom Line 

High-performance, extremely powerful engines and advanced technology adoption is what qualifies the German cars as a premium addition in the automobile world. Plus, their marketing taglines like “the best or nothing” for Mercedes or “the ultimate driving machine” for BMW, though a bit arrogant, have also proved to be the key to increasing their sales.