June 18, 2024


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2022 Audi RS 3 Is Wicked Quick, But …


From a lifeless cease, the RS 3 shot to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds in Edmunds’ tests. Must you find by yourself with 93 octane in the tank, the RS 3 is more rapidly however, knocking .3 next off that time. We do not like that it desires the richest gasoline to eke out individuals last three-tenths of a second, but electric power is even now abundant on 91, and since 91 octane is significantly additional common at California gasoline stations, which is what we caught with for the the vast majority of our tests. Out on the highway, it did not seem to be to matter what was in the tank. The RS 3 even now pulls all the way to its 7,000 rpm redline, and the whipcrack shifts of the double-clutch automatic indicate it truly is supremely effortless to working experience the engine’s fight cry above and around all over again.

On any again highway the RS 3 is fantastically rapidly, even when the conditions are challenging. Through a fast blast up a single of my favourite back roadways, a freak center-of-summertime rainstorm took hold of Southern California. On the way up Angeles Crest Freeway the roadways were awesome and dry, but on the way down they glistened with freshly laid rain. This normally calls for a significantly extra judicious method to driving, as weighty rains after extended durations of scorching, dry weather conditions commonly depart streets soaked in a combine of water, oil and other fluids that generally just bake their way into the asphalt.

For the to start with couple miles it seemed like enjoying it cool and casually cruising down was the smarter transfer, but just after a little although it turned distinct the RS 3 wasn’t missing a beat. The summer time-only Pirelli P Zero tires were being hanging on just wonderful, and the small Audi really discovered its stride. It was obvious the RS 3’s intelligent all-wheel-drive program was working extra time, and you could feel the very little Audi shuffling electric power from entrance to back and facet to aspect as you swing it by tight rights and extended lefts. Grip, tempo, electrical power, it was all there, but a thing else was missing.