July 18, 2024


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2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Interior First Look: Changes and Details

Many of the interior improvements that Ford made to the standard F-150 carry over to the Raptor, but much is new. That means buyers will still get the fold out center console that doubles as a sort of mini desk and the fully customizable 12-inch digital gauge cluster comes as standard. There are one or two things that are missing, however. The fold flat seats, for example, won’t be available on the Raptor.

Why? Because instead of regular chairs, Ford’s newest off-roader gets heavily bolstered leather seats (with fabric-covered foam side bolsters) to keep you in place while you race around the desert. You can have the base Raptor’s interior in any color you want, as long as it’s black with gray accent stitching. The lone option for the base Raptor is a “metalized film” finish for the appliqués, door spears, and upper glovebox door.

Step up to the Raptor’s “high series” interior and you get suede accents on the seats instead of regular fabric, or optional Recaros. The high series interior gets decked out in either carbon fiber or a coined aluminum accents. According to Ford, the coined aluminum is a deep embossing effect for the appliqués, door spears, and glovebox that’s supposed to be both durable and premium in feel. High series interiors also only get one color option—all black with bronze stitching.

Top spec Raptors with the optional 37-inch tire package will get a set of Recaros in blue leather with orange accent stitching. The center console and the top of the dashboard can also be had in blue. The aforementioned carbon fiber or coined aluminum accents are also available on the Raptor 37.

Other thoughtful touches include a set of six auxiliary switches on the overhead console, four USB charging ports (two up front and two in the back), Sync 4, a 360 degree view camera, and available over-the-air updates to keep software and maps as up to date as possible. (A Ford representative told us that while the Raptor won’t have the Bronco’s neat trail maps off-road navigation feature at launch, that could come later in an OTA update.) Clearly a lot of work went into making the new Raptor’s interior as sweet as possible. Now all we have to do is test just how well those Recaros hold you in place while jumping the thing.