April 14, 2024


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Why you should get a maintenance plan

Five things you should know about your maintenance plans - Ultimo

There are a few things to consider when leasing a car. One of the most important is the investment in a maintenance plan to keep you on the road.

A maintenance plan is a great idea for keeping your car servicing costs down, while giving you peace of mind that they financially cover you if your car breaks down. To learn more about car service companies, visit review sites to see how people have rated a company or service on their maintenance plan packages specifically for their car leasing needs. Click on the links to be redirected to a review site for American companies and see how others have rated a company based on the previous customer’s experience. This can be extremely useful in the decision-making process. 

What are the pros of taking out a maintenance plan?

There are several benefits of having a maintenance plan for your lease car. Here are our top 5 pros of maintenance plans:

#1: No surprise costs

When you take out a maintenance plan, you can be assured that they cover you for surprise breakdowns or maintenance requirements.

#2: Great payment plan

A maintenance plan can be costly. You can reduce the cost by opting to pay off the cost over a set period of monthly installments. 

#3: Breakdown cover 

This is hands-down the best benefit of having a maintenance plan. Knowing who to call when you have broken down in the middle of nowhere is always great.

#4: Savings, savings, savings

A maintenance plan allows you to save on the costs of servicing your lease car and replacing the tires. A maintenance plan will cover you for both. 

#5: Peace of mind

Your car maintenance needs are taken care of when you take out a car maintenance plan. 

Do I need a maintenance plan if my car is under manufacturer warranty?

The warranty from your cars manufacturer will cover you for enormous problems, such as engine failure and electrical issues. It takes care of things that shouldn’t break, while a maintenance plan takes care of things that could or break with regular wear and tear. 

Maintenance checks you can do at home to reduce the need for maintenance

These checks include:

  • Tire pressure: always ensure that your tires have the correct amount of pressure according to the car’s manual. If the pressure is too low, the tire could burst and cause a nasty accident. 
  • Fluid levels: these include oil, coolant, transmission, radiator, and brake fluids. Keep the levels constant and top up where necessary. 
  • Windscreen, wiper blades: lookout for any chips or cracks in your wiper blades. Have them repaired and maintained often to keep them in good working order. 
  • Bulbs, lights, indicators: ensure your flickers and all exterior lights are working and replace the bulbs once they dim or suddenly blow. This job is not a difficult one, and you can do it yourself. 


There is no doubt in our minds that having a maintenance plan is essential when you lease a vehicle. While it is not compulsory, it can help to significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs. Read about maintenance plan providers on review sites to assess their ability to provide a great service to their customers.