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ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating – New for 2022

ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating - New for 2022

The ValetPRO range has just about everything you could possibly need for a big detailing session on your car’s exterior. Quality pre-wash and wash products, accessories such as detailing brushes, microfibres and drying towels. Then there are top-notch waxes, glass cleaners and tyre dressing products for those finishing touches. Now, we can finally add ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating to the collection.

ValetPRO 24Plus

You could say it has been the missing piece in the ValetPRO product jigsaw. Everyone else seems to offer a ceramic coating these days, so what about ValetPRO? Well, it has been a long time coming, mainly thanks to the intensive research, testing and development to ensure the product delivers the goods. It certainly doesn’t disappoint.

ValetPRO 24Plus

Ideal for the home user & enthusiast

The main aim with ValetPRO 24Plus was to make it accessible for the home car care enthusiast, but also really simple to apply and buff off. That’s definitely two ticks for ValetPRO there and speaking of ‘two’, that’s exactly the number of years protection you can enjoy once fully coated and cured.

Valet PRO 24Plus

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you, then check out the official video from ValetPro below! There’s a full ‘how to’ demonstration together with product info and the stunning end results on this striking blue Porsche.

What is ValetPRO 24Plus? The details about this new ceramic coating

ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating £48.00

24Plus Ceramic Coating has been developed with the home car care enthusiast in mind, as it boasts simple application procedures and impressive durability, all without being too expensive on the pocket. Enjoy up to 2 years durability with ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating when surfaces are well maintained in future maintenance washes.

ValetPRO’s aim with 24Plus was to develop a product that would not be too complicated for the home user, but still offer the high quality performance associated with some more experience alternatives – something it certainly does to full effect.

  • Paintwork protection product
  • Easy to apply ceramic coating protection for your car
  • Up to 2 years protected durability
  • Provides impressive hydrophobic protection
  • Impressive water beading capabilities
  • Quality shine and gloss

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