June 20, 2024


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To Eat or Not to Eat: 7 Disaster Foods for the Car

When people get a new car, they swear to themselves they’re going to maintain its cleanness as long as possible, no smoking, no drinking, and of course, no eating in the brand new car!

Though sooner or later, all of these resolutions will go out of the window, and you can even find yourself making plans to eat in the car, dating & drinking, and breaking all these promises you made to yourself and the pretty car.

Anyway, whatever you decided to do, there are always some forbidden foods that you just can’t eat; they are an actual disaster, and your new car will look old that you’ll have to find the next car buyer in Dubai to sell your vehicle.

Here are the most deadly foods to avoid:


Not all candy is a terrible choice, there are many non-bad guys; but whenever you’re eating these little ones, you should be careful not to drop one.

That’s because once they are down, they are gone forever, or worse, doomed to a fate of being crushed into the carpet.


Especially crushed cakes, they are bad to eat literally anywhere, the debris will spread everywhere.

Not to mention licking your fingers after finishing (no judgment btw), but this creates a coating that covers your fingers, therefore the steering wheel, and anywhere you touch.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is just awful, they melt and drip and no matter how fast you lick the sides, it’ll eventually drip by accident.

Not to mention the distraction it creates, keeping your eyes on the cone or the road?

Don’t eat ice cream in the car, please, it’s a total tragedy.

Crunchy Stuff

These bars are like an exploding bomb, once you open one, debris will be scattered everywhere; on the floors, corners, and crevices of your seat. Seriously, they are the most destructive weapon known to mankind.

A Hot Cup of Coffee

Now you tell me it has a travel lid, I tell you nah, think about it again; because even when your cup has a travel lid, coffee will always find a way out of the hole.

There is some worst scenario; when the lid doesn’t work properly; it might drop; this will not only create a mess, but will also burn your legs, hands, and fingers, make you lose control over your car, and finally, hello accident.


These ones break down by themselves; they go in the holes and on your lap leaving the car looking like a salad.


Seriously? I can’t eat a burger without literally dropping the whole sauce on my fingers and the table, how can anyone eat that explosion in a car?

Plus, you need both hands to cover the layers and prevent the burger from falling off and apart.

Burger and driving simply don’t mix.


All of us have this guilty pleasure of eating while driving, but you can’t deny that it’s one of the most distracting things you can do (which is something we basically want to avoid).

So, next time when you’re hungry and driving, park your car and enjoy your meal as you should; even if you’re late and in a hurry, these 2-3 minutes won’t hurt anyone.

This will not only save your life, but it will also maintain your car clean and neat, so the next time you decide to sell your car in Dubai, you won’t be worried about the dirty seats, floors, steering wheel, dashboard, and other parts of your car.

Don’t forget to always drive safely, and enjoy eating!