December 3, 2023


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These Are Your Best Dealer Experience Stories

These Are Your Best Dealer Experience Stories

A photo of a grey Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Photo: Chevrolet

“My first and so far only experience at a dealership was very positive. In the fall of 2018, I was in the market for a full-size pickup with tow package, and I had zeroed in on Chevrolets for a handful of reasons. I was fairly certain that I’d be shopping used, until I found an online listing for a new 2018 Silverado with exactly what I wanted/didn’t want, at a price that seemed too good to be true.

“I called the dealership (Jim Ellis of Atlanta) late on a Friday to confirm price and availability and made arrangements to come see the truck in person the following Monday. Test drove it, wanted it, negotiated a comfortable deal. The sales people were knowledgeable and not pushy, and left room for me to be a knowledgeable buyer as well. I had a lot of cash to put down up front, but the finance people helped me to work out an arrangement where I could finance just enough to get dealer & manufacturer incentives, have a super manageable monthly payment, and continue building my credit.

“I got out of the door with a brand new truck at an all-in purchase price of a little more than $29k, which still seems too good to be true. This was at a large, long-standing dealer of a number of different makes, and until they give me reason to do otherwise, I’ll go back to them for any automotive purchase when circumstances warrant.

Cudos to you for getting the truck at a bargain price. But, I must say the 2018 Silverado is one of the ugliest trucks out there.

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