September 30, 2023


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SEMA 2022 Imports – Gauge Magazine

SEMA 2022 Imports - Gauge Magazine

SEMA 2022 Imports was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 1st-4th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Domestics may have taken over the show, but Imports stepped their game up for sure.

SEMA 2022 Imports

We loved every Import ride that we laid eyes on, but there were a few that stole the spotlight for sure.

Nothing is wrong with Toyota’s, but it is uncommon for it to be talked about as a showstopper for SEMA 2022 Imports.  Let alone it be a 1993 Toyota 4Runner.   This 4Runner rocks a 3.4-litre drag-spec 2JZ engine that is bursting out of the front. On high boost, that’ll be sending 1,200hp to the rear wheels. Owner Scott Kanemura was ready for this to be a showstopper.

But the best part of this ’93 Toyota 4Runner? The old school RAYS Volk Racing Gr.C wheels, custom-barrelled and shod in drag radial slicks.

Garage Active also brought out their R32 GT-R, and it was hard to walk away from. Showcasing Air-ride, custom centre-lock wheels, a 1000+horsepower HKS-built RB30 engine matched with a sequential gearbox, and their signature carbon wide-body, this time finished with a thin layer of Midnight Purple paint for good measure. This GT-R is unlike any other, including the one they brought last year.  Garage Active continues to blow us away!

Although that is only a few of the imports that were at the show, the SEMA 2022 Imports were amazing and did not let the crowd down for sure!

Photos by: Chris Gosda, Erod, and Cheri