July 18, 2024


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Pinkbike Poll: What Would You Change About Your Current Bike?

There’s a good chance that you know what it feels like to work hard, squirrel away at least some of that money, and then hand it over in exchange for a shiny new mountain bike. Damn rewarding, right? Of course, but something strange can happen not too long after that. That’s right, your dream bike, the very machine that was supposed to elevate your riding abilities to new heights, your fitness to new levels, and your Instagram feed to new followers can start to feel… pretty damn normal. I know, how disappointing.

There’s no denying the leap in performance if your new machine is a few seasons or more recent than the bike it replaced, but now you’ve owned it long enough to wear out some tires and realize that it’ll probably end up on the Pinkbike Buy & Sell, just like the one you owned before. Hopefully, you get offered more than an old Xbox this time around.

But what if you could change just one thing about your current bike to modernize it instead of purchasing yet another one? In this parallel multi-verse of mine, it’s literally that simple: You get to choose one method from the list below to make the bike you own today the best it can be. Leave a comment below to let us know what you’re currently riding, when you bought it, and the one thing you’d change.

The tricky part is that you’re only allowed to choose one answer.