June 22, 2024


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How To Remove Water Spots From Cars

How To Remove Water Spots From Cars

With car water spots, the sooner you spot and remove them, the better. You can prevent them from coming back with these five tips.

Dry Your Car Immediately After a Wash. Don’t let your car dry overnight or leave it out exposed to the sun.

Use Microfiber Cloths. Microfiber is better than lint cloth or any other cloth type when wiping your car dry. Old-fashioned chamois are not as effective as large drying towels made up of microfiber, they tend to hold more weight in water and are less prone to scratch the surface.

Wash, Dry, and Wax in the Shade. The sun’s heat can dry the water droplets very quickly, leaving you with water spots. Eliminate the exposure to heat and sunlight and you are off to a great start by minimizing the chances of water spots appearing due to evaporation.

Install a Water Filter. You can fix hard water by installing a filtration system to prevent mineral deposits from sticking to your car’s finish. These water filters can be attached to your water outlet in treating hard water.

Install Car Paint Protection. Although not a preventative measure, it does definitely help with addressing water spots as they appear. Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of a ceramic or graphene coating, water spots will still appear, but have difficulty binding, making it a lot easier to treat than a non-coated surface.