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How do I get a free FAStag for disabled?

fastag for disabled

If you are reading this post or looking for info on “how to get free FASTag for disabled and physically challenged individuals,” there is a good probability that you are already familiar with what a FASTag is. You can also get free cars for the disabled.

First, to present the material in its entirety, let us begin with a concise overview of free fastag for handicapped car owners. After that, we will go into the specifics of the FASTag laws that apply to challenge people physically.

What is FASTag?

The government of India developed the Radio Frequency Identification Technology known as FASTag, intending to make it simpler and quicker for commuters to pass through toll plazas without dealing with any trouble.

It is recommended that the FASTag card be placed in the upper-middle section of the front windscreen of a vehicle. FASTag-activated toll plazas are fitted with a radio-frequency reader that searches the affixed FASTag card while the vehicle is moving and automatically excludes the toll fee from the digital wallet or savings account linked to the FASTag.

There is a widespread misconception that FASTag does not charge disabled individuals for its services. Furthermore, this is not the case. You should be aware that a FASTag is not given to a person but to a motor vehicle. You do not qualify for an exemption if you are a person with a physical disability who drives a standard car since you do not meet its criteria.

To qualify for the FASTag exemption, a vehicle must be registered in the RC book as either an “Invalid Carriage” or a “Retrofitted” carriage. According to the New Hampshire fee rule from 2008 and any adjustments made to the rule since then, cars registered under these categories come under the exempted category of motorized vehicles.

If your vehicle is not registered as an “Invalid Carriage” or “Retrofitted,” you must first be excused from paying the FASTag fee to be registered in one of those categories. You can write a request letter and send it to your RTO (Regional Transport Office).

Once your request has been reviewed and cleared by the appropriate office, you will receive a registration certificate.

  • Once you have received this certificate, please take the following steps to get your free FASTag for disabled:
  • All you need to do is to send a letter explaining that you are physically challenged and apply for an exemption for FASTag for physically challenged. This letter should be addressed to:
  • The Regional Transport Office has your car’s registration number.
  • The address for mailing should be mentioned in the letter.
  • The Motor Vehicle Department of the RTO should obtain a copy of your RC book. If the book has not yet been issued, they can request it from you and send it by registered mail with a cover letter explaining the contents, the importance of why they require this copy, and your residential address.

Documents required for free FASTag for disabled

You need the following documents to apply for a FASTag for disabled category exempted from transactions or zero transactions.

  • Application Form RC of the Vehicle ID evidence that is filled out and signed (Aadhar Card, PAN card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, Government ID, etc.)
  • Proof of exemption (RC book copy required at RTO, but you can also send your RC book by registered mail with covering letter and a cover letter explaining the contents and the importance of why they require this copy as well as your residential address.
  • Exemption certificate/letter from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways or Ministry of Urban Development with requisite stamp or signature.
    Steps To Apply for free FASTag

So, how to apply FASTag for handicapped? Create an account on the Indian Highways Management Company Limited website and submit your information. You will be required to provide information such as your name, email address, mobile phone number, and the name of the city in which you now reside.

  • If your registration is successful, an email will be sent to your provided address containing your User ID and Password.
  • Utilize the User ID and Password provided to you to log in to the web portal.
  • Navigate to the Exempted Categories tab on the dashboard to download the application form for the FASTag for disabled. Please fill out the form.
  • After clicking on the “Upload Form” button, proceed with the provided steps.
  • Choose the category that qualifies you for the exemption from the list (Mechanical vehicles specially designed and made for the use of a person who has a physical disability)
  • Choose the NHAI Regional Office for which the application needs to be processed.
  • Once more, submit the applicant’s full name, along with their email address and mobile phone number.
  • Enter the vehicle registration number for which you require the FASTag to be issued under the exemption category.
  • Please provide a scanned copy of the papers that were requested (as listed above)
  • After confirming that you have provided the appropriate information for each field, you can send in the form. After you have successfully finished, you will be sent an email that was automatically produced, along with your Application Case ID.

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After these steps, you will receive your FASTag free of charge. However, if you have an ongoing journey to or from the designated toll plaza, you must pay the toll fee with the credit card linked to your Indian Highways Management Company Limited user ID.

Otherwise, if you do not have an ongoing journey to or from the designated toll plaza, you will not be charged for the FASTag fee. You will not receive a text message or email if you are given a receipt.