June 20, 2024


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Futura Takes Trailering a Car to a New Low

We don’t often suffer from trailer envy. They are, for the most part, a tool, something to get a car (or anything, really) from one place to the other. A tool for a job. When moving a car, whether it is inoperable or ultra fancy, any trailer can get the job done, but Futura Trailers gets the job done looking like a shiny Snap-on ratchet with a trick action.

At first glance, the trailer doesn’t look that special. Or, no more special than any other open aluminum trailer with two axles, LED lighting, and aluminum wheels—a common sight at any track day. Even the optional air dam and tire carrier aren’t unique to Futura. What makes Futura different is how you load a car. There are no ramps to wrestle, instead the whole trailer lowers itself to create a ramp that can support approach angles as acute as 3 degrees.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Its operation is very slick: Unlock the axles at the fenders and use the remote control to lower the trailer (the mechanism is a battery-operated winch). Drive onto the trailer and raise the deck while you are still in the car. The fenders are removable if clearance is an issue, but we didn’t have a clearance problem with the few cars we loaded. Cars are lashed to the deck via airline track that runs the parameter of the trailer.

Futura distributor MOTORVAULT, an enthusiast-minded sales and consignment dealer located in Indianapolis, loaned us the Super Sport trailer for evaluation. It has a load capacity of 5678 pounds whereas the longer Pro Sport has a load capacity of 5534 pounds. So pretty much any street car will fit, even low ones such as a Porsche 911 GT3. A winch is available if your car is so low that you can’t open the doors when loading or if the car is inoperable.

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Inside the tongue box is the battery, storage for the winch and remotes, and enough room to store the wheel straps. There is room for a few tools, too. The lowering trailers start at $12,995, which is at the expensive end of the spectrum. Envy is never cheap.

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