June 22, 2024


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2023 BMW M3 CS Boasts 543 Horsepower, According To Internal Document

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After a busy 2022 with numerous product launches, BMW M is expected to start the new year with another exciting car. The M3 CS should debut sooner rather than later, and after many reports regarding how much power the super sedan could offer, an internal document seemingly spills the beans about the juicy output.

The document was published on the Bimmer Post forums by the very same member who leaked the M2 G87’s output before its official debut, so this could very well be the real deal. According to the PDFs uploaded on the forum, the new M3 CS will use the same “S58T” engine we saw in the leaked M2 documents. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine is listed with an output of 405 kilowatts, which works out to 543 horsepower.

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Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

If the figure seems familiar, that’s because the M4 CSL also happens to have exactly the same inline-six muscle. There’s no word on torque, but we’re expecting an identical 650 Newton-meters (478 pound-feet). Of course, the Competition Sport Lightweight coupe is a lot lighter, especially since the M3 CS is listed in the documents strictly with all-wheel drive whereas the M4 CSL is a RWD-only affair. A weight loss compared to the M3 Competition is planned, but it definitely won’t lose the 100 kilograms (220 pounds) the M4 CSL shaved off over the M4 Competition model.

The documents reveal BMW intends to make the M3 CS for both left- and right-hand-drive markets and plans to start production in March 2023. It’s unclear how many will be made, but logic tells us it’ll be less exclusive than the M4 CSL. Consequently, the production run should extend beyond 1,000 units. According to the same leak, the high-performance saloon is coming to the United States.

With production reportedly starting in 03/23, it can only mean BMW intends to take the wraps off the M3 CS in January or February at the latest. Chances are an equivalent M4 CS will follow not long after, complete with the switch to the latest infotainment system as the current M4 is still stuck with the seventh-generation iDrive.

These CS models won’t be the final changes planned for the M3 and M4 since BMW is allegedly working on a facelift for both cars. This yet-to-be-confirmed decision has been taken to keep the models fresh and competitive until around 2027 when the current-generation models will be retired.

Source: Bimmer Post